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How Bonti used WhatsApp newsletters to offer Black Week priority access

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Bonti, the large pram retailer, wanted to try something new for the upcoming Black Week sales. They decided to use the newsletter functionality of WhatsApp, using Soultech’s omni channel platform.

"Why choose a 30% opening rate when we can choose 90%?"

Agnes hjelmér, CEO Bonti

A few weeks prior to black week, they advertised on Meta platforms (Instagram and Facebook) with click-to-chat ads that lead directly into WhatsApp with a prefilled message. This message triggered a special flow, asking for opt-in to the special Black Week Priority access campaign.

The ad saw a 30 cent cost per lead and a couple hundred sign ups in just a few days.

One day prior to the priority access, they used Soultech’s platform to send a reminder push message about the following day's priority access. Early on campaign date everyone who had signed up got a new newsletter push notification, containing the needed discount code and a link to the sales.

The newsletter push saw a +90% opening rate, compared to email newsletter opening rates of around 30-35%. Furthermore, with email newsletters, there is no easy way to answer the customer's product questions, which they often have about such an expensive product as a pram. However, Bonti also noted how easily they could ask the customer’s various questions directly through messaging. With the 3x higher open rate, +30% in-chat conversion rate and record low cost per lead, WhatsApp newsletter turned out to be the best way to optimize newsletter marketing.

Bonti's Success with WhatsApp Newsletters for Black Week Priority Access

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Published: 2023-04-03

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