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How Nudient turned their customer service into a source of income with an up to 30% in-chat conversion rate

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Nudients cases are designed from the core, with the approach to give you a new perspective on everyday essentials & promote sustainability. Their thoughtful design has proven to be highly appreciated and they are now one of the fastest growing phone case companies in Europe.

"We like to meet our customers in their favorite channels, Soultech enables just that and delivers up to 20 % conversion"

CEO Nudient, Pontus Krusing

The challenge that Nudient quickly identified is to provide the online service that hesitant customers need to make a purchase. Buying a phone case is usually a short process. Customers buy what feels right at the time. If a shell doesn't feel quite right or if there are any doubts that the customer can't sort out quickly, they don't go ahead with the purchase.

Enter messaging. By always making themselves available to the customer in the customer's own channels, Nudient now prevents interested customers from not completing the purchase. QR codes on the product page, click-to-message ads on social media are examples of how Nudient drives hesitant customers into the chat to give them the personalized service they need. By converting up to 20-30% of customers in chat, Nudient is now drastically reducing the number of missed sales. In addition, trust between Nudient and their customers has been shown to be strengthened, with +30% returning to the chat for personalized recommendations.

Beyond increased sales and stronger customer relationships, the customer service agents save a lot for time in messaging compared to email. Due to canned responses and the rich customer profile, Nudient’s conversations with customers takes on average five minutes. But best of all, if there are logistical issues, the agent usually doesn't have to work. Because our automated flows take care of them. So, Nudient agents now spend time and energy on the calls that require personal service while automated workflows take care of those that just need quick and smooth service.

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Published: 2023-04-03

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