About Soultech

We’re building a B2B SaaS platform for brands to interact with their end-customers in the messaging channels. Brands create a personalized experience for their customers by being present in the right messaging channels. Business messaging is the perfect new trend and Soultech is the solution for it.

Our platform can be seamlessly integrated into businesses’ existing e-commerce platforms and systems. Connect messaging channels such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger to one single platform, integrate it with your e-commerce platform and decrease CAC, increase sales and decrease return rates.

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The idea

We at Soultech believes that future contact with customers will merely go through chat apps - because that is where the customers prefers to be. This unlocks the full potential of personalisation between brands and customers. We see that big players such as Facebook, Google and Apple are all betting big on the trend - as already seen with WeChat in China. It is time for all businesses to jump on this trend before it is too late.

The story

Soultech was founded by 4 driven entrepreneurs who had identified the need for businesses to communicate in a new way with their customers. The trend is already here and the shift is undeniable.

The business idea behind Soultech was developed in the southern part of Spain and we wish to remain an international approach, expanding ourself globally. Our services can, and should be, accessed across cities and country borders.