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Ditch Meta business manager and save up to 30% time by managing commenting in one place

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A single platform for managing posts, ads and reels comments

Our platform now features a new module designed to streamline social media interactions by aggregating comment management into a single, convenient tool. This means you can now focus more on engaging with your community and less on manual moderation. Specifically built for Instagram and Facebook posts, reels and ads.

Time-Saving social media tool

Centralized social media tool

Gather all your social media comments in one place

AI language filter

Built in AI to filter comments and ads based on languages


Track your performance with our analytics tools.

Spend less time managing social media comments

Pulse's easy-to-use design makes it easy to keep up with comments from your audience on social media. It is all about making conversations smooth and keeping your community engaged.

Filter conversations intelligently to focus more on what truly matters—your customers. Pulse helps keep things genuine, always with the focus on human connections and with a personal touch.

Some KPI:s we are seeing

30% Less time spent on managing interactions

40% Higher respons rate

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